About Tabi Upton

Tabi Upton is an on-air personality for 88.9 Moody Radio in Chattanooga. She is also a licensed counselor, speaker, and writer. For three and a half years she worked abroad as a mental health contractor. Her column, “Mind Matters,” ran in The Chattanooga Times-Free Press newspaper for 12 years. Morning Candle is a published collection of some of her favorite essays.

whereintheworldistabi EVENTS-2018


6th-Panel participant-One Women’s Conference, New City Fellowship Church, Chattanooga, TN

21st- Speaking-10AM-New Sholar Ave Baptist Church, Chattanooga, TN- “Strong Women Overcoming Challenges”

26th-WOW Gathering 6pm-“Hair Down, Heart Out”-On Facebook W.o.W.-chattanooga



12th- Speaking-Southern Adventist Social Work Program, Collegedale, TN

23rd-WoW Gathering “Friends-giving for Singles”-Facebook W.o.W.-Chattanooga

Email  tabiupton@gmail.com for information about speaking engagements, media appearances, and WOW (Women of Wisdom) Dinner Parties.

“I love to encourage others and help them transform by reminding them of how much they are loved by God and that they are created for a purpose. I chronicle my amazing travels of the mind, body, and spirit  in this blog. Come along with me…”

Tabi R Upton_black_transparent

(Disclaimer: The views expressed in this blog do not represent those of Moody Radio, MBI, or any of its affiliates.)


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