Girl Trippin’

Have you ever taken a girls’ trip?

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Try it sometime! There is nothing like traveling to bring out the best (and the worst) in people! You find out who is like sunshine in the morning, who is a bit selfish with the bathroom or inflexible when it comes to trying something new, who can go above and beyond for the group, who loses patience with any unexpected changes, who is able to go with the flow and corral those who get lost (those are the priceless ones!). Traveling bonds us to others. There are those I am still connected to because we can point back to “that time when we went there, experienced that, saw them, and felt so much.”


I lead a women’s group called WOW (Women of Wisdom). We gather monthly to talk about issues related to living single as women of faith. We try to have fun, encourage one another, and build a supportive and loving community. So when we made plans to go on a girls’ trip to Savannah and Tybee Island, Georgia,  I was hopeful. I wanted us to have fun, do something different, and get to know each other better.




The trip did all that! Even our uncomfortable times–housing that didn’t necessarily meet all expectations, the extreme heat, lack of firm plans during one afternoon that caused us to get lost downtown–all became part of the wonderful getaway experience. We had daily devotions, where we were challenged to break into our freedom, to throw off those insecurities and habits that were holding us back. We prayed and we cried together. We ate near the salty water, took a ferry across the river, had a photo shoot at Tybee Lighthouse, and played in the waves at the beach.

We also visited a super interesting church–1st African Baptist Church, built by slaves who formed it brick by brick, sometimes using the very savings that could have purchased their own freedom to instead build a house that represented freedom in another place, where no one would be a slave and all would be equal in the presence of our Creator. We left feeling exhausted but strangely refreshed and connected to one another in new found ways. In the words of one of my sisters, “I can’t wait for the next trip!”

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