On the Road to Rome, Georgia

Last weekend I met with the lovely ladies of Fellowship Baptist Church of Rome.  Over lunch, I shared my story with them through pictures as we munched on delicious Italian pasta and salad. They were lively, warm, and friendly. And they made my day. What also made my day was the drive deep into the heart of rural Georgia.

I had never taken the back roads to this southern town, home of beautiful Berry College and also a crazy-looking restaurant with a real plane out front and one built into the building. This intriguing burger bar beckons you unexpectantly from side of a long stretch of highway.plane restaurant


I passed green fields of crops stretching for what looked like miles, a mountain chain that kept me company to the east, bright sun shine above, and people who waved at me from the sides of the roads, like they did when I was young. I felt something lifting off me as I got further from the traffic stalled freeway in Chattanooga and road along 27-South. I felt free, connected to the earth, and as if I was returning to a place I had left long ago.

Berry College
Photo by Alexis Tesori

Later, I turned off the and took myself on a brief driving tour of Berry College, which has won numerous awards for its academic excellence and its movie-worthy beauty. I stumbled upon an idyllic wedding in process within the beige stone walls of one majestic building. The white limo out front stood like a watchful and elegant guard, ready to whisk them onward to a life of peace and love.

Charmed, is what it felt like. A brief moment where I could stretch myself and breathe! That road to Rome was a perfect addition to my weekend….

Berry College
Photo by Jonathan Beacher

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