Buon Giorno!

One of my great friends, Georgia, called me to come back to Italy after our first tour there four years ago. I worked there as a Military Family Life Counselor (MFLC) for several months that year. It was a time of weekend travel to vineyards, trips to the rocky coast, Pompeii, and Rome. I accepted her offer to return without much hesitation.

She had organized a great mental health training for counselors on domestic violence, holistic healing and self-care, blended families, and ethics. I learned about the need for balance, quiet and stillness, how blending two families takes al ot of work, and what the symptoms are for children who witness domestic violence.Conference

I took long walks through the streets of Naples, enjoying the lush gardens and interesting architecture.

We visited the Amalfi Coast and the town of Amalfi, built into the cliffs above the sea, where we licked scoops of gelato and browsed the sea-scaped stores, looking at sparkling stones and tasting lemoncello candies.amalfi2



We dined at a beautiful restaurant that opened right above the ocean, and was bordered by a winding line of fresh green and yellow lemon trees, heavy with fruit. The breeze swept over us as we gazed out at the boats below, the islands beyond, and the blue sky above us.

How beautiful, how sweet, how grateful my heart was…I 2

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