I love living alone. I get to run around the house  in my favorite brown suit (it fits me perfectly!), mop the floor if I wake up in the middle of the night, or just come home after a long day of talking, kick my soggy socks off and leave them in the middle of the floor, slump down on the couch, eat potato chips and leave the crumbs on my face, leave dishes in the sink  for a couple days, and say absolutely nothing to anyone for hours.

Well, all that has changed. A couple of weeks ago I got new roommates! Yes, not one, but two. All of us are women in our 30’s and 40’s, living single, desiring community and encouragement to meet our personal goals, and a chance to save some money!

Just days after they arrived, I had a birthday.   I woke up to the smells of fried bacon, eggs and pancakes. I jumped out of bed and opened the door to a bundle of fresh and colorful flowers. Then I shared breakfast with them and listened to their verbal cards for me, which got my day off to a beautiful, exciting start.

roomieswake up face
Me! A year older and with my wake up face and hair…

Then we went out for a roommate date with our handy and handsome neighbor, Quincy,  who had come by to fix some things in the house. We glammed up  just a bit to hang out at the gorgeous Westin in downtown Chattanooga. They both “forgot” their purses (hmmm…) but the food was on me anyway as a “Welcome to your new home!” celebration.


Jasmine is a vivacious entrepreneur who loves to serenade the crowds with songs, singing praises to God.  Her artsy personality opens the door to great conversations.


Amanda is a lover of children who enjoys photographing deep red sunsets and quiet fields, and has a gift for helping others.

roomies with amanda
Tabi and Amanda

Already we are learning from each other’s unique gifts and interests, and I look forward to the adventure ahead!


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Linda A Book says:

    LOVE keeping up with you!! Followed you across Europe years ago. So thankful you are at WMBW….loving, serving and having fun. Love you Tabi!!

  2. Tabi says:

    Linda a Book, thank you so much for following, listening, and encouraging! Blessings on you, lady. Tabi

  3. janice upton says:

    My dear Taboo I remember how we prayed that the Lord would make this a delightful new door and He is doing just that! Praise the Lord for answered prayer!!and all the fun you are having with delightful roomies. I love them too! love you! Mamoo

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