Big Mama’s Reading Room and other events….

Big Mama’s Reading Room

My Big Mama was a woman with a very large personality, among other things. She was my maternal grandmother, and she loved to cook pound cakes, go to club meetings, wear big hats, and count money. She was proud of being full-figured, and when she needed help getting her “girls” into her large white bras, she would start calling her grandchildren by name. The boys would run outside as if the house were on fire, and it generally then fell to us female cousins to get the job done. My grandmother is remembered with affection, a learned appreciation for my own curves, and a little fear as well…

Last month my coworker and I held a “Big Mama’s Reading Room” in honor of Black History Month. We donned the look of a conglomeration of many big mamas–warm, loveable, quick-witted, and familiar women–and had too much fun. The adults laughed and the kids wanted to snuggle in for a story.

Black Heritage Ball

I had heard about all the pomp and circumstance of military balls, but had never been to one. Last month I attended my very first one when I attended the Blue and Gold Ball sponsored by the Black Heritage Organization. We had a fashion show, praise dancer, speaker, and good food. It was the place to see and be seen.

New friends and me…


Messages from Home

I was able to have a birthday month and Valentine’s Day long distance. The actual day of my birthday was completely uneventful, as I hadn’t made many friends yet on base. But my sweet family at home sent money for me to buy an underwater camera as a birthday gift. I requested one because I have decided to give myself scuba lessons for my birthday this year. However, the lessons were abruptly cut short when the doc wanted to further explore my breathing capacity due to my history with asthma. I’m still hoping to dive soon, regardless. My church Life Group (Divine Design) sent me a Valentine’s package, along with a “perfect man.” And another thoughtful friend sent me a package of  “happies,” complete with sweet earrings and a journal. 20170214_210028


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Janice Upton says:

    What a wonderful article and pictures. It makes me feel more a part of your life far away when I see such wonderful pictures. You looked beautiful at the ball!!!

    1. Tabi says:

      Oh Thanku mom! I know I should write more

  2. Maceo says:

    Where in the world are you?

    1. Tabi says:

      Same place…:)
      “the island”

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