Full Circle


Sometimes life meets us in the middle….

Some friends come and some friends go, but thank God for those who hang on and ride. I saw my great friend Katherine a week ago, on this side of the pond. We first met around 15 years ago when she called me for an interview. She was completing her MA in counseling and I was on my first job as one. She needed to do an interview with a live mental health counselor for class, not for a  job, but after she graduated, she appeared again and we hired her. We worked together for a few years in community mental health, which is its on exciting and often heartbreaking story. We then parted ways. She moved toward Nashville and I went into private practice with another counseling center back home in Chattanooga.

When she moved back to the Scenic City, she joined another counseling group and soon I made my way over, and we worked together again for several years. When I was ready to throw caution to the wind and take a job overseas, she was right there at the computer with me, pointing out possibilities.

Well, a year ago she came to visit me with another sister/friend named Marcy. Together the three of us traveled all over Germany and had a great time on our adventure. We visited Heidelberg where the romantic side of Germany was in full display. Its cobblestone streets and bridge across the river made us love it.  However, a

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hike up to a castle ruin made us want to kick it’s proverbial shins.

Then we raced cross country to Garmisch, with Marcy, by far the most daring and energetic of our trio, at the wheel. We sang songs from the Sound of Music while traveling through the mountains of Northern Austria, the snow swirling wildly all around us. The Autobahn highway quickly wound us back up into southern Germany, where we visited the Dachau Concentration Camp Museum to reflect on the past traumas of the land, a sad and surreal contrast  to Deutschland’s present state of magnanimity toward foreigners and other ethnic groups.  We surveyed the Alps, got lost in the crowds in Munich, and visited the fabled castles of Hohenschwangau and Neuschwanstein.


We had a truly amazing time.

Recently she has decided to try out a little overseas contracting for herself. When we met up she had only been on the continent for about a week. I have a hunch she’ll love it. Things have come full circle.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Jennifer Thompson says:

    Tabi, I am Katherine’s college friend, Jennifer. I have heard so much about you from Katherine! I’m so glad yall had a visit recently. I’ve read several of your blog posts tonight and I am blessed. You are a gifted writer and you communicate well what God is speaking to your soul.

  2. Tabi says:

    Thank you so much Jennifer. I have heard about you!

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