Poetic God

This week I had the pleasure of discussing poetry with children. They were wide eyed and ready to learn as I discussed the fact that this literary genre was more than just rhyme and rhythm, it was also wonder, raw emotion, and beauty. I’m not sure they got it…yet. Perhaps one day they will.

Contrast that with the hurting little boy I spoke with the other day who finally was able to express—with hands covering his face—that he felt very stupid. It may not seem that significant a problem in light of world events, but this dilemma was overwhelming his small universe. He felt hopeless. As tears rolled from his eyes, I tried to fold my own tears neatly behind my eyelids and maintain professional decorum. But inside I wept. His belief, though untrue and unfounded, was real to him. He lived it, walked it, breathed it. This repetitive riddle tumbled through his brain in a mocking rhyme that caused him to lose confidence in his abilities, to act out inappropriately, and to create self-fulfilling prophesies.

Are you hurting and broken within? Overwhelmed by the weight of your sin?

Jesus is calling.

Are we not also like him? How many times have my small beliefs about my worth or actions become overwhelming dirges about myself, about how God feels about me, and about what I think I deserve, causing an avalanche of pain I needlessly carry? O God, help me!

Have you come to end of yourself?  Do you thirst for a drink from the well?

Jesus is calling…

So I have cried to Father in my distress, and He has reached down to rescue me. He gives me a new mind by which to think new thoughts, new ways to live my life, a brand new vision of myself and the world seen and unseen, and lastly, a new song (poem) to sing.

O come to the altar! The Father’s arms are open wide.

Forgiveness was bought with the precious blood of Jesus Christ.

His words are places where we can enter our deep feelings and find beauty. His eyes turned our way can cause our imaginations to fill up with light rather than dark and pointless wanderings. His passionate heart causes us to long for more time in His beautiful and holy Presence. His actions toward all of us are pure poetry.

Leave behind your regrets and mistakes. Come today, there’s no reason to wait.

Jesus is calling.

Bring your sorrows and trade them for joy. From the ashes a new life is born.

Jesus is calling!

(Come to the Altar, by Elevation Worship)



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