In Love with Germany!

Contract work has brought me back to Germany for the third time in two years and I still love this place. Especially Bavaria, this quaint picturesque state in the southeast corner of the country. It is traditional, Catholic, quiet, and clean. I feel at peace looking out at farmland, mountains, lakes, and beautiful  skies.

I thought this blog needed a quick update. Here’s what I’ve been up to:

Wolfsburg Marathon-Soon after my arrival I went to see the Chattanooga Team (we are one of Wolfsburg’s sister cities) compete in a marathon in this city in Northern Germany.I enjoyed catching up with old friends Sara Deyoung and James McKissick. Got there just in time to see Sara start running and yell her name. She looked back, smiled, and gleefully yelled my name back, but I didn’t see her again for several hours. She finished the marathon soaking wet and in pain,but she finished. We were so proud of her!

Natural Hair Meet up-My hair and I have been on an interesting journey since I stopped using chemical relaxers  two years ago. This journey is shared by thousands of other brown sisters as well, even here in Germany. A woman told me about a meet up for natural sisters while we were both standing in front of the hair products aisle in a department store, searching for some hair goodies. I had a great time meeting other women and learning about hair at this function. (I’ll write more on this a little later.)

-Work/Travel-So far I’ve been able to travel around on the weekends, visiting the Black Forest (which featured black squirrels, go figure), The English Gardens in Munich (where a friend threw my cute hat in a creek), and even took a weekend trip to Greece. (and yes, I plan to write more on all these later as well.)

-Beautiful time with Father- God is so good! He loves me. I love the people I have met in the Christian communities abroad. They have been interesting people who are kind and welcoming and familiar, all at the same time. I am taking an online class on the Old Testament and how to read the Bible, and I am learning soo much! Many of my questions about faith and scripture are getting answered. I’m eager to learn more.

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