Lucerne, Switzerland



I was so excited to go to Switzerland a few months back. It always seemed to me to be some glamorous place with really clean streets and fresh air everywhere. I rode a bus to Lucerne with two other coworkers. The bus was packed tightly, and the tour guide told us a little about Swiss history on the way.

When we stepped into the little town, several servivcemen seemed to be hanging  near us, so we invited one to join our  (alittle group. He was so sweet! He ate lunch with us and even shopped with us (a little reluctantly) and ended up buying a very stylish coat for himself.


Local meal at the tea house.
Local meal at the tea house.

We found a wonderful tea house serving traditional Swiss food. We had to pass a pastry bar to enter, full of chocolate temptations and other desserts. I had some type of pot pie with tea, and they served the hot drinks with a small candy on the side. We saw lots of interesting art on the streets.

Interesting wax figures
Interesting wax figures
Lake Lucerne
Lake Lucerne
Aslan (lol)
Friends on the trip
Friends on the trip


Later we took a boat ride on Lake Lucerne and were told that the water was so clean you really could drink it right out of the lake. It was glacier water, running down from the Alps above us. Large white houses faced us in the frigid air.

It was such a peaceful place to visit, but I couldn’t imagine living full-time in such serenity. Somehow the grit of friction calls every once in a while.


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