Brugge Anyone?

Remember the Belgian-Italian couple I met at Villa Marinella on Ischia Island, Italy? They owned a restaurant in Brugge, Belgium and invited me to come and dine. I’d since misplaced the information for the restaurant, but did make it to Brugge (the French pronounce it “Brooj,” and the Belgians say “Bruggah”) in early spring with a tour group.

Cute sculpture

Our first stop there was to a colorful and fragrant chocolate store. They had every kind of chocolate one could imagine. I even found some bars made with Stevia (no calorie, natural sweetener made from a plant.)1423305097143142330232868220150207_17070620150207_161051_Pano20150207_161001_Pano20150207_11560420150207_11304420150207_102447

We stumbled upon a restaurant a passersby told us about. It’s called Black House, and it was used as a background for a movie apparently. The food was alright, but the atmosphere and service were fantastic.20150207_142306

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