Beachside Celebrities-Remembering Italy pt.1


2014-10-17 18.02.36

I must, must finish my time in Italy. Today I want to write about the cities of Positano and Sorrento on the Amalfi Coast.

Last fall, when I arrived with a tour group to the city of Sorrento, it was a vision of candle- lit restaurants nestled underneath graceful trees, walk-ways fit for weddings and summer parties, and friendly restaurateurs beckoning us to come and dine with them. The city was a refreshing change from noisy and “cleanliness-challenged” Naples, with clean swept streets and colorful boutiques displaying stylish outfits only a professional fashionista could have assembled.

Another day, friends and I took an hour boatride to Positano, standing sensually against the ocean, again, the favored Amalfi Coast. This time I finally got the attention I had been craving. I had paid a visit to some wonderful African hairbraiders who had hooked me up with beautiful “invisible” braids. The hair is cornrowed and extenstions are wrapped around the braid at the same time. As my friends and I walked on the board walk, men whistled at us and yelled out, “Amore!” or “Bellas!”

What fun! Walking up from the beach, I noticed a guy pass me by that I had seen on television. We turned and followed him back down and my friend asked him if he were an actor. He answered yes, his friends apparently were also actors, though unfortunately, we could not place them.

One of his shows is How to Get Away with Murder. 2014-10-26 11.53.02

After taking pictures with them, we climbed up the hills, panting, complaining, and regretting every step, but found a cute place to eat at the top, so we ate well and rested. The way down was much easier. Great day at the coast.


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