Italian Art-Florence


2014-11-02 12.05.48 2014-11-02 12.34.26 2014-11-02 10.51.49 2014-11-02 11.44.42 2014-11-02 11.34.18 2014-11-02 13.28.42 Pisa with friends

Though I have been gone from Italy now for over two months, I still must tell a few more stories. I took a trip to Florence, the heart of Tuscany, with colleagues one weekend in the fall. We rode the train up from Naples, snacking and talking the whole way. Once there we got to see the statue of David, visit the Leaning Tower of Pisa, and enjoy other great art, interesting food (we fell in love with a Pakistani restaurant where the owner would load our plates high with rice and tasty meat), and fun shopping. This is a leather center of the country, so each of us bought either a purse, jacket, or both. The markets were fun and festive, with vendors from Africa, the Middle East, and Europe selling their wares. You could also find unusual jewelry pieces, such as a blue glass ring with golden swirls I picked up from a very relaxed salesman. We stayed at a hostel type hotel that provided free breakfast and was within walking distance of the train station.

Once, after visiting one of the beautiful bridges in the city, we sat down at an outdoor cafe to rest our feet and dine on oven fresh pizza and Italian style burgers. Suddenly we heard the patter of feet hitting the pavement, and turned to see a crowd of African purse vendors running full speed down the middle of the street, carrying their wares in rolled up sheets. Apparently, they did not have permits to sell them. One broke off from the crowd and hid behind a bush right next to us. When law enforcement neared, he left his wares and walked calmly down the street–a very narrow escape…

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  1. CJ of Tiffany Box Blue says:

    How exciting! I thoroughly enjoyed the travel insight from your experience.

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