Rome and Home Again


  20141111_114810   20141111_133525 Chapters VI and VII-Mama and Daddy Go to Italy…


Our last leg of the trip was to be Rome, where we would spend a day and a half. Monday we prepared again to catch a train to the capital city. Before leaving Florence, we all stood, held hands, and prepared our hearts.

We prayed for God to speak to us as we entered this city of high spiritual significance. We remembered the Christians who had died here, Paul who had endeavored to go despite the waiting persecution, the Catacombs, the fall of the Roman Empire and the rise of Christianity.20141111_14082420141111_151700

When we arrived in Rome later that day, Daddy and I only had enough stamina to venture out to look for a few groceries and a converter for our phones. Mama stayed behind and took a nap. When we came back to the hotel, we snacked on olives, chips, chocolate and nuts, then Mama and I found a “Stretching for Seniors” segment on and worked out our sore muscles. Daddy lay back on the bed, telling us about his feats of wood chopping and “natural exercise”—which meant he didn’t need to do our “inferior” stretch routine.

20141111_223737 20141111_220034 20141111_220028 20141111_220023

We walked around the block to a cute restaurant called Florian’s. Inside there was a dessert shop filled with chocolates and pastries, then a quiet salon with white table linens and clear, elegant chairs. We ordered salmon, lasagna, and a creamy pasta dish filled with bacon, peas, and mushrooms. Afterwards, we headed home in the cool, Roman air, thinking about our last day in Italy together.

Early the next morning we caught the Hop On/Hop off bus which took us to major points around the city. We

climbed the stairs and sat on the open top level. We passed gorgeous fountains, world-class hotels, 20141111_141430.20141111_111854 beautiful sculpted buildings, and lesser known sites.

When the ancient Coliseum came into view, we all grew excited. It was one of the stops Daddy had specifically asked for. 20141111_13375020141111_120112While he and Mama went in to look around, I stayed outside and flirted with some Roman guards who came by.20141111_124049

After this, we headed toward Vatican City, where Mama and I went into St. Peter’s breathtaking Basilica. 20141111_15445520141111_141503

While the choir practiced in the background, we surveyed the ornate ceiling, walls, and took note of the confessionals and the remains of a pope in a brass human shaped urn.20141111_15400920141111_154154

20141111_152514Lastly, we took a hectic taxi ride across town to the Catacombs. Down under, we learned that this was an ancient Christian burial ground. Christians came down occasionally to worship, but apparently hadn’t done too much hiding out there as we had been taught. Most of the tombs had been busted out by robbers looking for marble or valuables. The guide explained the meanings of the sign of the fish, the hopeful artwork pointing to an afterlife that had the last say over temporary death, and the reverence of those who were left behind to honor the dead.Catacombs

Sobered, we returned to the surface of the earth and walked out of the Catacombs, catching a bus back to our hotel.

Chapter VII: Alpha and Omega


Mama all but hobbled as our trip came to a close–she had done the entire tour in house shoes because the sneakers she had brought were actually too small for her. Despite this, she still managed to pass out one more tract to a guy on the bus. She had been doing this the whole trip, making connections with those around her to extend the gospel to them. In between our wonderful excursions, we had passed crouching beggars, immigrants having a hard time, and argued (at least I did) with people trying to get over on us. As I completed this time with my parents, I was aware that though my siblings and I had been excited for them to have a pleasure trip, they had never drawn the line between pleasure and kingdom work. They were always ready, in season and out, to take the gospel to the world.

After I waved goodbye to them that drizzly Wednesday morning as they rode away in a taxi, heading to Fumicino Airport, I went back to the hotel room and collapsed, then cried a little. I reflected on my time with my parents. From my father’s sermon and testimony on the bus in Tuscany to my mother’s dogged persistence to find someone who could read the tracts she’d brought in two languages, they wanted to spread Christ’s love to Italy. And so, God humbled me, and reminded me that I was supposed to have the same fervor, the same heart of love, the same resistance to being weary of sharing His light in dark places.

This had not just been a trip of physical bodies crossing oceans and territories on planes, trains, automobiles, and boats. This trip had been a spiritual one, where we returned to the past to encourage ourselves onward. It was our reminder to be good Christian soldiers, to heed the call to share God’s love at all times, in all places, to all people, for all time.

The End

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  1. Jamie says:

    Tabi, I loved “traveling” through Italy with your parents! I especially enjoyed your final installment. My husband and I went to Rome for our 10th anniversary in 2011, and it was amazing. I also appreciate your parents’ example. Sharing the life-changing news of Jesus is-should be- for anytime, anywhere!
    (I hope your Mama’s feet are feeling better!)

  2. Fartema says:

    What a beautiful ‘Thanksgiving” story! I’m reminded of our mission to spread the Gospel.

  3. Katherine Wilson says:

    Tabi, you are definitely a writer, it has all been so interesting but Chapt VII was my fav part… brought tears to my eyes, it was a picture of your parents heart and of their daily life no matter where they are……a conviction and encouragement to me……you have been blessed. Bern is blessed to have their influence in her life.

  4. goldwisdom2 says:

    Thank you taking us along on your parents’ trip to Italy.

  5. Tabi says:

    Thank you all so much for reading all these entries and commenting. I’m so glad to know the story of my parents trip touched you. Praise God who loves us so much and lets us have fun while we serve Him.

  6. Jerilyn says:


  7. linda book says:

    Tabi…..just found that you were there and hopefully can follow you… not know how long or where you will be but am going to love following you. You are one of my hero’s!! Take care sweet friend. Enjoy !!

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