Chapter IV: Mama and Daddy Go to Italy 20141107_14122820141107_135309 20141107_141420

Friday we awoke early to race to the airport and fly to Northern Italy. Our AirBNB host picked us up and took us from the mainland down to the center of the island. (We didn’t know that the legendary city of Venice is actually considered an island!) We took a water bus along the “river” all the way down to the famous San Marco square.

20141107_135235Daddy loved the water bus. “It makes regular stops like a bus, but on the water!” he laughed. “This is fascinating,” he added, looking out the windows.


We passed gorgeous buildings, romantic gondolas, and boats filled with luggage and other equipment. Once we landed, Mama and I oohed and aahed at the fashionable ensembles in the windows, which made a big 20141107_145727 20141107_145828 20141107_154507impression on my mother. Italians are definitely some of the more stylish people on the planet. (By the end of our trip we both decided we needed makeovers.)

Check out these shoes!
Check out these shoes!

We marveled at the blown glass décor, and finally the buildings of the church and museums there. Friendly pigeons hung out with the people, expecting to be petted and fed.

New friends
We met some travelers from Dallas who told us about their two week trek across Europe, staying in a different hotel every night.

20141107_145337-1Venice is a favored spot for weddings…

We talked excitedly about the possibilities of  a gondola business on the Tennessee River. At last we took the water taxi back up the sea river to head back to our temporary home. 20141107_134152 20141107_134456-1

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