Jet Lag – Mama and Daddy Go to Italy

Chapter II 20141105_193439

Next day, I visited the parents in the late afternoon. They were still in bed. “Ready to eat?” I asked. Just then, a coworker who had given me travel tips called to see if they had arrived. “My parents are still in bed,” I told him. “Leave them alone!” he yelled. “Let them sleep. I have horrible jetlag when I travel, and I’m almost as old as your parents.” He chatted with my father good-naturedly before hanging up.

My mother wanted to do some shopping, so my father abruptly decided to get on the internet and read CNN to avoid this impromptu stop. Once in the mall, Mama told me about getting lost the night before. “Oh Tabi, your father left to go get something and was supposed to come back and get me in the mall. He couldn’t find me and I couldn’t find him for over an hour. I cried; I took my shoes off because they hurt. A police officer came by and just smiled at me when I explained in English why my shoes were on a bench. I walked around in my socks. Finally, I spotted your father going up the escalator and called to him. We finally made it back to the hotel.”

We entered the supermarket located inside the mall and began shopping. Mama tasted the grapes, scanned the rows of crackers, looking for something new and exciting. “So much to choose from, this is interesting…” We laughed at the fish bin with neat rows of whole octopus, squid, and all types of fish. We even found some chestnuts for my father to try. Finally, we went back to get daddy and find something to eat. After walking for what seemed like miles, we stopped at a middle eastern joint in the food court. The guys were friendly and told us they wanted to come to the States. We invited them to stay at my parents’ house. Daddy wanted to try the spicy sausage with all the trimmings. Mama wondered how the spinach tasted.

They slurped their first gelatos (Italian icecream). 20141105_195332

A baby tried to give Mama her doll, and the mother let her go to Mama, telling us her name was Maria.

Then they eagerly returned to their rooms to go back to sleep.20141105_183325

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  1. Myra Smith says:

    Tell Sweet Janice and your dad hello from Myra in Guatemala. Sounds like an adventure.

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