Ciao, Italy!

Hello readers! I am happy to begin blogging again. This time I will be writing from bella Italia, where I will be until the holidays. To catch up, I came home from England in June and spent the entire summer at home. This was an awesome time with family because my sister, her family (minus a grown daughter) their two doggies, and my parents all came back home after living out of state for a while. It was so nice to be so close to my family after being so far away.

It was also amazing not to work. This was the longest time I spent not working in around 14 years! I loved it! I felt like a “rich lady” hanging out with friends, volunteering, and napping….uhh–that is until the money ran dry and the bills were still due. I was glad I had a gig lined up for the fall.

Rice and Shelley, my dog nieces
Rice and Shelley, my dog nieces
First day in Naples--that's Mt. Vesuvius behind me
First day in Naples–that’s Mt. Vesuvius behind me

So the last week of September I boarded a plane and jetted off to this place for another contract position. My two seatmates on the plane were pretty friendly, and the flight was the best I’ve had so far. After two or three movies on the plane, I soon arrived in Naples, and was thrilled someone was there to pick me up.

The first thing I noticed was the driving. You better know how to wheel and deal if you’re going to drive in Southern Italy. Even the travel books tell you the drivers are fast and aggressive, but pretty skilled. You will rarely pass a car accident.

Naples is not known for being a particularly clean city, but it is an exciting one. It has great energy and exciting views of the ocean, nearby islands such as Capri, and the  infamous Mount Vesuvius that destroyed ancient Pompeii. With bustling streets filled with pungent and colorful markets, vendors from all over the world selling all kinds of wares, and lots of pizzerias, it’s a pretty fun city. The nearby landscape is quite mountainous, the water is hard, and the air is dry. The first compliment I received was from a woman who told me I had beautiful skin while reaching out to stroke it. And this is only the beginning…

But before I tell you all about my adventures, I want to start with the week my parents came to visit…

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