“New City+Old Friend=Priceless Experience”

A little while agokr kr Screenshot_2014-04-26-14-26-24 kr I took a train to London to meet a friend I haven’t seen in over 8 years. “J” was amazing! He complimented me from the moment I got off the plane, was there to greet me with a big hug, took me to get something to eat (my kind of man) and gave me personal advice after listening to my past issues and personal woes. We walked thru Piccadilly Circus and saw Buckingham Palace, though we couldn’t enter. (Apparently one can only enter in the summer when the Queen is traveling.) He showed me the nooks and crannies of off-beat streets just because they were pretty (how did he know I would love that?), and had me drop off my coat and his umbrella at his exclusive club. It was there, in the bathroom, that a woman exclaimed mischievously to me, “Oh, isn’t this bathroom wonderful?! I could live in one of the stalls.” And we laughed together.

We had British breakfast tea with milk at his favorite hotel and caught up over cookies and our steaming cups of hot drink, then went and tasted chocolates at the Queen’s favorite chocolatier. He bought a box just for me saying, “This will change your life.” One of the staff gave me a chocolate rooster for free. We walked through the streets while he pointed out elegant shopping districts, parks, and various eateries. After a tasty Italian dinner we had peppermint tea and coffee in a candlelit area of Kings Crossing Station. After a rousing discussion on politics and world events ( I didn’t have too much to say since I really am behind! ) he put me on the train home again. He was the perfect gentleman and I am so grateful to have had my first taste of London with such a thoughtful and gracious friend! Thanks, again J.  (He had no idea how restorative and healing that day was for my feminine soul. I had been treated like a queen, and there was nothing I had to do in return but appreciate it. Priceless…)





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