Reflections on Germany2-I Won’t Forget…


Sadly, my time in Germany has ended, but I won’t forget the cute kiddos and the wonderful staff I worked with, the food, the scenery, the people, the whole experience!

Particularly, I won’t forget being a “partially developed butterfly” for the Fasching (Carnival) Parade I participated in. I glued orange eyelashes on and children told me they were so pretty. They wanted me to keep wearing them. Hmmm…maybe.

German Fasching…

I won’t forget the wonderful pastors I had and warm church members at New Covenant-Europe. Worship was healing, uplifting, exhorting, and loving.

I won’t forget my awesome teammates who endured crankiness, awkward laughter, tardiness, and a few bouts of whining from me during our 90 days on assignment.

I will definitely not forget the archery lesson I had at sunset after a beautiful drive through the Bavarian forests.

My last meal in Germany: pizza with eggs, bacon, mushrooms, and ham.

After a whirlwind trip back home for less than a week, I have now landed in England and am ready for the next adventure. Cheerio! Here we go…

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  1. Katherine Wilson says:

    I had no idea u weren’t staying in Germany…..wishing u pleasant travels… so excited abt our baby to be…..we just had another great grandson, #4….he just came home today after being in ICU for 11 days….so relieved….looking fwd to more of ur adventures….grmpete

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