Two of my Fave Cities



Two of my favorite nearby cities here in Germany are Bamberg and Amberg (nor to be confused with Hamburg, a city I haven’t visited.)

I went to Amberg with a friend recently who wanted to shop along the streets. We got hungry along the way and stumbled upon a restaurant with a picture of a horse out front. We went inside and found ourselves in a lovely inner court with stone brick floors. Inside, we faced a quaint and well-decorated eatery with a huge brass brewery in the middle, which stretched to the second floor.


We feasted on great brot (bread), Flambe (like a cracker crust, tasty pizza), chicken and mushrooms, and salad. We decided it was the best restaurant we’d eaten at thus far in Germany. Then we walked out and promptly forgot the name or how to get back to it. Oh well, we had a great time wandering the streets anyway!


Another friend and I went to Bamberg for the day. We took the scenic route, which was thru mountain passes and small, neat villages.

On our way into the city, we greatly enjoyed theBamberg2 architecture and the quiet beauty all around.



We walked across a bridge and along a canal, then turned down a street and immediately joined a throng of people out eating, drinking beer (just a normal part of German culture), and licking ice cream. It was a gorgeous, bright sunny March afternoon, and the air was festive. My friend found a thrift store and immediately felt Heaven had sent her a gift–she’s an avid thrift shopper in the States.

Back on the crowded streets, I lamented wearing red pants (everyone seemed to be watching) and ran into two Americans from North Carolina. “Where are ya’ll from?” one asked. “TN and GA,” we replied.

“We’ve been coming for over 20 years. We love Germany,” they chatted. After a few more words, we moved on for icecream, yummy! Bought a few souvenirs, and headed back to our sweet house by the lake…

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Fartema M. Fagin says:

    Oh, such adventurous fun. You sure you’re ‘working’ over there?

  2. tabiupton says:

    Girl, I know, huh? God is so good! Hope you’re well and thanks for following my travels…

  3. Janet Gill says:

    Great to read about your exciting adventures! I am looking forward to that adventure back home for a visit 🙂

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