By woods and lake


Movin On Up

Father opened a door for me to move IMG_0458to a place closer to my work and off post just a couple weeks after coming to Germany. The name of the little town I live in is Eschenbach. Its downtown looks like a typical German village with sturdy, well built buildings, a church that rings its bell every hour, hilly streets, and bakeries on every corner it seems. The Germans love their bread, it seems, almost as much as their beer.


My place is a studio inside a house with two other studios inside.  I live right across from a lake, and the driveway leading up to the house is woodsy and quiet, a perfect fit for my personality.

This space has served as a refuge for me. I enjoy coming home to the refreshing green and crème color scheme, and I sometimes buy fresh flowers to jazz it up even more. I  do Pilates stretching on the floor, snuggle up on the bed to read my books, and sit in my  comfy chair to work on the computer.IMG_0442

I can cook at this place, so I have bought interesting foods just to try them out. The problem we often have is we can’t read the recipes and sometimes don’t know exactly what we are buying. I tried fruit flavored buttermilk and loved it! I also love the way field greens look on a salad. I tasted Brathering (Brat-herring fish) and though my friends turned their noses up, it reminded me of really tasty sardines. Sorry, no picture of those critters!


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  1. Fartema M. Fagin says:

    Tabi, so happy for you! You’re the most adventurous person that I know next to my sister. She was stationed in Frankfurt, Germany for years which gave me the opportunity to experience the country. I hope to visit the country again one day.

  2. tabiupton says:

    Hey lady! Oh, that is awesome. When did you come? What did you think? I haven’t been to Frankfurt.

  3. Jerilyn says:

    Hmmm… thumbs down to fruit-flavored buttermilk & fish brats, but 2 thumbs up on your new place. Your description of the little town brings back memories. I wish we had more church bells & bakeries here.

  4. Zephanie Flippin says:

    OH TABI… glad for this post. Been thinking about you. Your new spot looks great! So does your salad! I don’t know about that butter milk tho. :-/ Hope you continue to enjoy and take in every minute!

  5. Cheryl McGary says:

    I love the way you describe the new town. I can hear the bells and smell the bread. Thanks for posting this blog. It is refreshing to travel with you as our 6 precious kids sleep peacefully.

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